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Our running promotion is "top investors of the week".

investment ways.
1) Add funds ,rent referrals.
2) Buy advertisements.
3) Upgrade membership.
so top three members will get these prizes directly into your Payza or EgoPay or STP account instantly at the end of this week with our server time 00.00 and we will also announce daily top investors till this time.
1) position $700
2) position $500
3) position $400

so add funds, get upgrade membership and buy advertisements these ways you can get 1st position.

top investors result for last week.

1 neobuxx(usa) has invested ($360) and win 700$
2 ability(japan) has invested ($310) and win 500$
3 koolbux1(germany) has invested ($282) and win 400$


Now till this time top investors are for this running week.

1 tina35
2 suka(poland)($18)
3 wrath46(poland)($10)

all members can join this contest by invest here before every weekend.

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